Tailored Estate And Retirement Planning That Meets Your Legal Needs

Part of running a successful business is planning for the future, including the future of your family. At Gamble Hartshorn, LLC, our attorneys understand that you want your hard-earned money and assets to go where they are most needed. We can help you secure your retirement and plan for your family's future needs and help you through business succession issues. As proven litigators and trusted advisers, we can also advise and represent personal representatives, executors and administrators through the probate process.

An Estate Plan That Is Uniquely Yours

Our attorneys would like to help you secure your family's financial security through a comprehensive estate plan tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for basic estate planning documents such as a will, trust, health care power of attorney and durable power of attorney or more complex legal tools such as a charitable trust or A-B trust, we can help you rest easy, knowing that your family will be well-protected in the future.

Plan your estate to protect your family's well-being with Gamble Hartshorn, LLC.

Helping Families Through Probate

While many issues that arise in probate can be prevented through a comprehensive estate plan, complex estates can still be difficult to administer correctly. Let us guide you through the process to ensure that the estate plan is administered in accordance with the law and the estate planning documents.

If the estate plan is not representative of the legal wishes of the testator, we also can litigate disputes in probate, including allegations of fraud, undue influence and duress.

Retirement Planning And Business Succession

Our lawyers can also provide you with legal advice regarding your retirement or business succession plan. Transferring ownership of a small business or partnership can be a delicate task. We will work with you to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, allowing you to retire knowing that the work you've done will continue as you enjoy retirement.

We Build And Protect Relationships

We understand how important building relationships is to successful estate planning and retirement planning. We will take the time to get to know you and your goals. Because your business, your family and your legal needs are unique, we will work to craft a tailored estate or business succession plan suitable for you.

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